Aleix Morgadas

Independent software consultant

I'm Aleix Morgadas, an independent software consultant, Team Topologies Advocate, and Wardley Mapping practitioner based in Barcelona.

I help organizations and tech leads to define their engineering strategy, shape their team organization and collaboration for Fast Flow of Change.

I help organizations in different stages of growth

  • You are starting your business

    Starting is hard. Should I build this or that? In which order? Is it technically possible? Who do I need in my team?
    I help entrepreneurs do their first steps in the right direction. Building the right thing the right way.

  • You are growing your product and teams

    How should I build this team or that team? How should we split the architecture? How do we design our microservices? How do we keep our teams autonomous and aligned?
    Your product and teams are growing, and you need to make solid decisions to not lose momentum nor speed.

  • You are scaling your organization

    You have already several teams, products, and increasing challenge to move fast business needs.
    I will help you map your business landscape, understand your architectural evolution and team organization to enable fast flow of change.