My services

I provide different services that adapts the best to your organization needs.

Strategy Consulting

I help your business to define an engineering strategy that will help you to achieve your goals.

  • Engineering Strategy

    Assessing your strategy and assisting you in its evolution to achieve your goals. We will collaborate on iterating it together, focusing first on understanding your product and business context. Subsequently, we will align your business needs with your team and architecture.

  • Fractional CTO

    Helping you build your product and teams, creating an enviornment with the right culture and best practices in place to scale your business. We will work defining the hiring process, how to build the MVP, setting up the team agile ceremonies, and more.

  • Engineering Audit

    We will work together to conduct an orthogonal audit of your engineering organization. We will assess your agile processes, architecture, team collaboration, and more.


A great way to help your organization is being part of the team in their day to day challenges. By being part of the team, I can understand better their needs and bring coherent strategic actions to help your business.

  • Building a critical MVP

    Starting is challenging. I help you to get started with your critical MVP to validate your idea and get feedback from your customers with the right engineering and product practices in place.

  • In-house development

    I can help you to build your product for your business and customers.

Workshops and Trainings

I facilitate workshops that are specific for your organization needs. At the same time, I provide trainings for your team to learn how to facilitate the workshops by themselves.

  • Platform as a Product Workshop

    Building an internal platform and a team with a product mindset is challenging. I facilitate the Platform as a Product Workshop based on Team Topologies to align the team with your platform vision since the beginning.

  • EventStorming Workshop

    Exploring and learning fast about a new or excisting domain is a challenge. EventStorming is a great tool to do that.

  • Lean Inception Workshop

    Defining the product vision, the product goals and the first MVP with the team and the stakeholders is challegning but also crucial for a successful product. The Lean Inception Workshop is a great tool to achieve this.