Things I’ve proudly built (or I'm currently building)

I have been working on different domains, companies and learning from awesome people and communities. I've been creating some projects to give back to the community. These are the ones that I’m most proud of.

  • Awesome Engineering Strategy

    🎉️ How to design and execute engineering strategies for tech leadership

  • Platform as a Product Workshop course

    🎓️ A course that helps organization to define their Thinnest Viable Platform to grow successful Platform Teams

  • Wardley Mapping Barcelona Meetup

    🗺️ A Wardley Mapping practitioners community based on Barcelona

  • Aleix Morgadas's Learnings

    📚️ A place where I share the experiences and learnings during my career

  • Team Cognitive Load

    🧠 An application to measure team cognitive load overtime and improve it

  • Twitter Archive

    🐤 An archive of my Twitter threads