Fractional CTO

Building compeling products and organizations that grow susteinabile is hard and finding the right leadership talent is crucial to achieve your goals.

Not all organizations are able to hire a full time CTO nor they might have the need to.

I'm here to help you and your team to work on what's critical for your organization.

Nothing is more expensive than a team working on the wrong thing.

Hire me as your Fractional CTO

What is a Fractional CTO?

A fractional CTO is a CTO who works part time for multiple companies in parallel. This happens especially at startups, who see this engagement model as an opportunity to hire an experienced tech leader, even if they can’t afford their full-time salary.

Contrary to other short-term consulting arrangements, a Fractional CTO engagement can be a good fit for both the company and the CTO for the medium-long term, and similar Fractional engagements are becoming popular for CMOs, CFOs, and other leadership roles.

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What will I do as Fractional CTO?

  • Help you define the engineering strategy.
  • Help you grow your teams with the right level of autonomy.
  • Help you define the hiring process and interview candidates.
  • Help you build the MVP.
  • Help you define the tech stack.
  • Help you define the team agile ceremonies.
  • Help you define the team culture.
  • Help you define the team best practices.
  • Help you define the team structure.
  • Setup your system architecture.
  • Setup your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Setup your monitoring and alerting.
  • Setup a good test piramid strategy.

and more.

Which is my approach?

I believe in people over process and culture over everything.

A successful relationship for me is the one that allows both parties to work together with a shared mission and purpose. My primary goal is to help you succeed and help you learn from my methods so that you will be independent in the future.

We will work together so that, in the future, you can be autonomous and independent when my help is no longer needed.

Fractional CTO engagements

  • Advisory CTO (2-5 hours per week)
  • Quarter-time CTO (10-12 hours per week)
  • Actual part-time CTO jobs (20-30 hours per week)
Hire me as your Fractional CTO