In-house development

Either you need to build your first MVP or you have a critical capability to be build, I can help you 🙌️!

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Understanding your needs

We will do a first meeting to understand your context and challenge at hand. We will discuss your business goals, your customers and your current situation. We will also discuss your current team and how we can work together.

It is not enough to build the product right; you have to build the right product.

Building the right MVP

We will work together to define the right MVP to build. We will define the right metrics to track and the right feedback loop to get feedback from your customers. We will also define the right engineering practices to put in place to build the MVP right.

Here, we can use multiple approaches to discover what we need to build. We can use:

  • Lean Inception Workshop
  • Event Storming from Domain-Driven Design to understand your domain better.
  • Domain Story Telling.
  • User Story Mapping.
  • Impact Mapping.
  • Wardley Mapping.
  • User research (quantitative and qualitative).

Building the MVP right

There is nothing more frusrating that find the right business/product solution and not having the right technical and product capabilities to make it happen. I can help you to build the right foundations to build a susteinabile MVP.


  • Right-sized services (microservices, monolith, etc).
  • Right-sized architecture (ports and adapters, CRUD, etc).
  • Cloud-native.
  • Continuous Delivery.
  • Monitoring and Observability
  • Tracking in place.


  • Design system.
  • UI Kits.
  • User flows.
  • Information architecture.
  • Analytics.

I'm offering this service in partnership with Laia Martinez - Senior Product Designer.

Help me build this product